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A. Ahamed Arif, M.Com., M.Phil., Afzalul Ulama,Director

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Why Hindus are learning Arabic

Every Sunday morning, dentist Vikram Ganje visits University of Mumbai's leafy Kalina campus in Santacruz, almost 40 kms from his home in Mumbra. He undertakes the weekly journey not to cure anybody's nagging toothache. He is part of a class of 88 who have enrolled themselves in an Arabic course that is taught from 10 am to 1 pm every Sunday.
Fifteen in the class are Hindus — doctors, engineers, businessmen, BPO personnel and event managers — who earlier did not have even a fleeting acquaintance with the language in which the Koran was revealed 1,400 years ago. Apart from the Koran and the Hadith (the Prophet's traditions), all those exotic tales of medieval rulers who lorded over the sandy lands of Arabia and other pieces of fascinating literature that Indians have read in translations, are originally in Arabic.
I stay in Mumbra, a Muslim-dominated area, where I often hear the azaan and the mullah's rendition of the Koran. I felt sorry as I couldn't understand a word and gradually developed an affinity to the language," says Ganje who can now read and write rudimentary Arabic. Undoubtedly, curiosity about the Koran has drawn many to the Arabic class.
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